Rawls Butler
Rawls Butler

CFO & EVP of Strategic Development

Rawls has over 20 years’ experience in investment management, corporate development, and operations in companies in a broad array of industries. As a principal at a private investment company, he serves as chairman and/or director of several privately held companies. He was a founder and director of business development of Capital IQ, which is now…

Kurt Gutzmann

CEO, CTO & Founder

Kurt is the Founder of Magnus Cloud and  the original inventor of the patents behind the proprietary algorithms employed by Magnus Cloud.  He brings over 30 years’ industry experience in analytics, machine learning, optimization, systems engineering & architecture, high-performance computing, information security, risk management, and financial services. He has designed and deployed over 20 major…

Bart McDonough


Bart R. McDonough is CEO and founder of Agio, a hybrid managed IT and cybersecurity services provider.  A noted thought leader in the financial technology space, Bart developed his career building technology solutions for Wall Street during a time when the industry’s technological complexity and data dependency experienced rapid evolution.  Recognizing an opportunity to serve…